Finding Resolution Consulting (FRC)
focuses on improving performance for clients by instilling courage, confidence and communication skills that drive results.


Finding Resolution Consulting (FRC) Approach

Our approach is to add value to the individual and the organization by facilitated discussions, leadership training and development, one-on-one coaching, group coaching; and assessments. We aim for better performance in your personal or professional life. Our approach is led by insights into your behavior, helping you to be more self-aware and understand how you are perceived by others. 

FRC provides mediation which can ease tension between employees, managers or manager/employee through a facilitated conversation using FRC as a neutral party.

What FRC Does

FRC is the catalyst motivating courageous transformations that increase organizational productivity, supports the bottom line, and addresses dysfunction to improve individual relationships through communication and leadership training.

How FRC Helps

Who FRC Helps

  • Executive Coaching

  • Workshops

  • Mediation

  • Assessments

  • Executives & Individuals

  • Teams and their Members

  • Organizations


  • Productive communication

  • Breaking down of Silos

  • Increased morale

  • Conflict resolution

  • Increased productivity

  • Positive Change

  • Emphasis on Strategic thinking

  • Better employee engagement

  • Increase in bottom line

  • Stronger Leadership skills