Finding Resolution Consulting Services

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Finding Resolution Consulting (FRC) is a leadership development firm specializing in improving performance by addressing specific challenges.   We help organizations and individuals find the courage to communicate about what they want to change.

Leadership has become an overused term – many times lacking definition.  In order to change and improve performance, issues must be addressed specifically – not in the abstract.

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FRC has structured a leadership program with curriculum for management teams as well as a similar program for individuals to lay a strong foundation for excellent personal leadership skills.

FRC provides separate workshops on;

  • time management

  • attitude

  • change management

  • effective communication

  • other topics specific to the needs of the organization

Finding Resolution Consulting (FRC) provides a full array of services to help organizations achieve better success and performance by addressing the many difficult issues of the work environment - among them:

  • talent management

  • improved performance

  • culture change

  • conflict resolution


Finding Resolution Consulting (FRC) provides leadership, executive and career coaching (by an ICF-certified

coach) to address obstacles in an individual’s personal or professional life.  Moving forward in a current career or determining a new career; achieving work/life balance; better time management; better self-awareness and the specifics of goal achievement are just some of the topics on which individuals have found greater fulfillment.


Individual Benefits

  • Improves managerial and interpersonal skills

  • Increases confidence and communication skills

  • Creates greater self-awareness and ability to gain new perspectives

  • Develops skills dealing with conflict

  • Reduces stress levels

  • Creates a more positive, solutions-oriented focus

  • Provides leadership foundation

Organizational Benefits

  • Increases employee commitment and satisfaction which leads to improved retention

  • Develops the potential of current leaders and helps with pressing issues

  • Improves leadership skills for future leaders who are critical to the business’ success