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What We Do
The Three Dimensions of
Job Preparation 
Attitude. Self-Awareness. Professionalism

Finding Resolution offers a program providing a new dimension of preparation and career transition. The goals of our program are to: increase self-awareness; provide exposure to professional behavior; and promote understanding of how to develop a positive attitude.

We are unique in that we include a behavioral assessment, the DISC, to make individuals more aware of how they behave in communicating and interacting; and the Values assessment which measures motivational factors on 7 indicators showing what you like and what motivates you.

In addition to preparing the participants for difficult interview questions, we take time to assure they know how to write a resume that gets noticed. We know the importance of human interaction and stage mock situations for practicing networking and business lunches. Many times, the initial interview is conducted via the telephone which presents a different dynamic than an in-person interview. It is important to practice to ascertain communicating enthusiasm and interest over the telephone.

We offer an online skills assessment to determine what skills you like and master. Everyone has things that they love to do and skills they like to use. This assessment lets you rate yourself on 35 different skills and then see which occupations are a match for the skills that are important to you. 

Contact Ann Rosser to learn more about “The Three Dimensions of Job Preparation”: arosser@findingresolution.net or 703-536-6915
I loved the personal assessments that I completed as part of the Finding Resolution program. They helped me learn more about myself and my strengths and weaknesses. I have used them in writing cover letters and in setting goals and to be very helpful in a career context. Ann Rosser’s feedback was invaluable and probably the most helpful of the process for me.” Rebecca O.
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