The most popular seminars offered by Finding Resolution are listed below with description. Additional seminars are available upon request. The DISC or Values assessments can be added to any course or be offered independently.

Mastering the Change Curve
This seminar is designed to train people how to successfully move through a time of transition. Individuals will benefit from a self-evaluation assessment and gain insight into their readiness to change. As a group, they will gain a better understanding of team members, and help the group to move forward and together through the transition process.

Dealing With Conflict
Studies show that over 65% of all productivity loss can be directly attributed to workplace interpersonal conflict issues. This course helps participants to better deal with conflict through practical examples. Also included is a personal assessment to identify a participant’s individual conflict style. Participants learn positive uses of the five conflict-handling styles and the most appropriate style to use in specific circumstances.

Interpersonal Skills Training for IT Professionals
Of all the challenges faced by Information Technology (IT) professionals today, developing strong interpersonal skills ranks as one of the biggest – and most critical. In fact, studies show their ability to work with people can make the difference between IT project failure and success. Sections focus on these key interpersonal skills: Personality awareness; Communication; Conflict Management; Trust Building; and Collaboration. 

Critical Thinking
Critical thinking is the No. One skill executives are looking for in employees. Critical thinking is about understanding the problem, evaluating the evidence, and making logical and thoughtful decisions. It’s a skill that can help your organization find smart solutions to tricky problems, avoid emotional thinking and mistakes, and work together more efficiently. This seminar provides participants with tips, techniques, and thought exercises to help develop critical thinking skills.

Leadership Series
Three of the following seminars in the Leadership Series can be combined for a half-day seminar or each workshop can be offered separately.

The Power of Attitude
Our attitude is the foundation of success in every area and is particularly important in a team or office setting. This session will explore the importance of attitude, how to develop a success-oriented attitude about self and others, and the pattern of thoughts and habits of attitude.

Creating Powerful Communication: Are You Self-Aware?*
Being self-aware is critical to our success, especially when it comes to communication. What type of communicator are you? How do you communicate under stress? Learn tips for powerful communication.

The Specifics of Goal Achievement
Your individual vision of the future, translated into goals and filtered through the proper planning process, dramatically affects the quality and fullness of your life. Find out how to set goals to measure success and the process of specifically achieving your goals.

What Do You Do With Your 24 Hours?
We all have 24 hours in a day. How we manage our time is a personal choice and is controlled by you. Explore how to set priorities, choose the outcomes you desire based on your purpose, and discover ways to better manage your time.

Balancing Your Life
This workshop will help participants to focus on how to: a) identify areas of their life that need time and energy; b) define what is not working and determine how it got that way; c) gain more control of your future; d)develop results-oriented attitudes and reduce stress.

*Can be paired with DISC Assessment for a separate half-day workshop

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