Rachel is a talented, creative and intelligent lawyer recently laid off from a large law firm. She wanted support in exploring alternative careers, but was concerned about her tendency to jump into new things impulsively. She was not sure she wanted to continue to practice or get into another career.Situation 


  • Recognize the impulse to act without thinking things through, using a self-observation exercise.
  • Complete the DISC assessment and Values Assessment to 
  • Write a personal mission statement and criteria for a more satisfying career.
  • Imagine and describe a set of viable alternative scenarios.
  • Explore how her personal life was affecting her choices.


Rachel is clear on the criteria the "right" job will meet and wants to do some volunteering in possible fields and informational interviews to learn more about some areas.. She has narrowed the choices down to a specific path, and changed her personal life to be more fulfilling and positive.
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