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Change is necessary to move forward, yet very difficult to accomplish alone. Finding Resolution can be the catalyst to facilitate the change you want. Whether you want to resolve conflict; deal with a difficult boss; start a new career or job; transition to management; “close the deal” or create more balance in your life, we can help. Exploring how your perception is limiting your viewpoint is the first step. Often our minds concentrate on what will be lost with change. Finding Resolution helps you focus on what will be gained. Our unique ability to listen, interpret and ask direct, insightful questions encourages you to think of the possibilities. By determining the specifics blocking your progress, you can create a new broader and brighter pathway.  

Our Process

Three elements lead to being successful in implementing change:  
  • Attitude
  • Self-awareness
  • Specifics

We work with you and your organization on all three as successful change leads to a happier life and overall happiness and fulfillment.

Our approach is to add value to the individual and the organization by facilitated discussions, leadership training and development, one-on-one coaching, group coaching; and assessments. We aim for better performance in your personal or professional life. Our approach is led by insights into your behavior, helping you to be more self-aware and understand how you come across to others to gain the results you want.  

Let Us Help

We would welcome the opportunity to help you facilitate the change you want and deserve. Click on Case Studies to read how Finding Resolution has helped individuals and organizations. Do you recognize yourself in this “Are You Stuck?” brochure? Click here to receive your own personal complimentary 15 minute conversation. We look forward to hearing from you.  
Watch the video to hear Ann Rosser discuss leadership.
What people are saying...

“Ann has a unique way of listening, reflecting and helping her clients find the right answers and solutions. I have learned to better communicate and better manage my time. This has helped me gain better work/life balance and be more effective at work and home. ” -L.S.

Ann provided executive coaching and mediation services to several of our staff over the course of a year. She was a perceptive listener and a fearless mediator, willing to raise up and challenge people on issues in a way that held them accountable, and to work with them to create management tools and behavioral changes targeted at correcting shortcomings." -COO Nonprofit Association
Why you need Finding Resolution: 
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Watch the webinar on Time Management, Finding Resolution did in collaboration with the American University Washington College of Law
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